SkinCeuticals is a high-end cosmeceutical brand owned by L’Oreal. It is a palace-level cosmeceutical brand in the United States. The name of the brand Skinceuticals is a combination of the words skin and pharmaceuticals, which fully shows this Brands are serious about ingredients and efficacy.

Three steps: activation + repair + soothing, efficient and rapid to create perfect skin, comprehensively enhance skin vitality


Repel skin problems: whitening and removing spots, improving pigmentation, awakening dry skin, uneven pigmentation and dull skin tone

Quick-acting repair: lock water and moisturize, tighten and fine pores

Soothing massage regenerates cells: deep nourishment cells, speed up absorption, soothing sensitivity and reducing redness, repairing the skin barrier.


There are many kinds of SkinCeuticals products, among which the mutual synergy, mutual stability, and even chemical co-dissolution of different active ingredients have their subtleties (part of the principles are still technical secrets).

Elle & Skin Ceuticals flagship store, as the only flagship store of L’Oreal Repair Cosmetics, has a full range of genuine repair products, and allows customers to enjoy supreme repair and nourishment. Skin Ceuticals Facial is a luxury treatment launched by the flagship store, allowing you to feel the joint offering of L’Oreal, Repair and ElleClinic.

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