SILKPEEL DERMALINFUSION® Vacuum Diamond Microdermabrasion + Essence Infusion Therapy is a non-invasive 3 in 1 vacuum skin rejuvenation therapy certified by the US FDA.

It uses essences for specific conditions to remove, extract and infuse the skin at the same time to solve all skins problem. It is the first and only time-focused exfoliating to essence infusion treatment technology, which can provide instant, long-lasting and ideal deep treatment effects for various skin types without negative effects.


The silk microdermabrasion technology uses different diamond scale microdermabrasion to gently remove 30-35 microns of dead skin cells, and remove dullness and roughness.

Negative pressure vacuum suction, painlessly removes dirt, oil and blackheads from pores.

Combined with a specific medical grade essence, it can instantly introduce nutrients into the skin deeply, absorb quickly, visibly fade spots, improve acne, instantly moisturise and soothe sensitive skin!


  • Dilute fine lines, moisturize the underlying dry cells, and calm sensitive skin.

  • Treatment of age spots, sun spots, chloasma, uneven skin tone.

  • Average oil secretion, unclog pores, dissolve blackheads, treat acne.

  • Effective anti-oxidant and repair damage caused by ultraviolet rays, improve dull yellow skin and strengthen skin.

Silk Peel is our therapist’s first choice for skin cleansing before a big project, allowing you to get the ultimate experience of doubling the effect in a big project.

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