Thermage®, also known as electric waves, has been treated more than 1 million times worldwide. It is a non-invasive radio frequency (RF) anti-aging technology that has been clinically proven to tighten skin and generate new collagen.


For sagging and wrinkled skin, use targeted therapeutic probes to transmit high-energy high-frequency waves to the skin layer, and use the collagen shrinkage effect to cause immediate skin firming effect and stimulate collagen in the new skin.
To achieve skin lifting and firming effect.



Usually the treatment only takes 2.5 hours, and there will be immediate improvement after treatment. No recovery time is required, and the treated area will not be red or swollen.

Thermage treatment effect:

Facial anti-aging: The facial treatment head can improve facial static wrinkles, improve double chin, and enhance and firm skin.

Eye anti-aging: The eye treatment head can tighten the loose skin around the eyes. Improve fine lines around the eyes.

Elle Montreal Clinic is the only diamond VPP in the Greater Montreal area certified by Thermage headquarters in the United States and was awarded the Thermage Diamond Trophy, which means that Elle Montreal Clinic is the clinic with the most Thermage cases in Greater Montreal and even Canada.

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