Fotona4D and even Fotona 5D are pioneered by SL Aesthetic Clinic, which integrates the patented Smooth, Frac3, Piano, Superficial and SL Aesthetic technologies exclusively developed by Eurostar Fotona, enabling a five-dimensional three-dimensional anti-aging laser system for the face.
The five modes perform their respective functions, which can solve the problem of facial aging in an all-round way without dead ends.


The principle of Eurostar 4D and 5D is mainly to penetrate the heat energy into the bottom layer of the skin, so as to promote the regeneration of skin collagen, so that the fascia layer and the oral mucosa can be tightened. In addition, the heat can promote the production of collagen while also making the skin look younger.



– Eye wrinkles, crow’s feet, eye bags, dark circles and other skin problems around the eyes
– Nasal folds, pouch pockets at the corners of the mouth, toot meat and other premolar skin problems
– Large pores, spots, neck wrinkles, unclear mandibular contour and other problems

All the technicians of Elle Montreal Clinic are senior laser therapists, who will escort your laser treatment experience throughout the process. At the same time, we are also the only medical aesthetic teaching clinic in Montreal that has teaching qualifications and can issue an advanced medical aesthetician certificate.

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