InMode diamond superplastic is a breakthrough in the use of radio frequency, which solves the problems of temperature control and penetration depth, and can achieve fat reduction and shaping without invasiveness.


The first mode is Air-Blow Fat MiniFX, which, as the name suggests, reduces fat without direct contact with fat. During the operation, the treatment in the air-explosion fat mode is divided into the following three steps: 1. The skin and fat are sucked up by air negative pressure; 2. The first radio frequency is released to heat and tighten the skin tissue; 3. The second nanosecond ultra-high pressure radio frequency energy is immediately released , causing fat cells to die on their own. It is characterized by tightening the buccal fat pads, double chin, and clear outline of the girl line and jaw line.

The second mode is Ultra Forma. The highlight of this mode is the ability to control temperature. ACE intelligent temperature control technology maximizes the effect of radio frequency heat, which can be maintained within an effective temperature range for a long time during treatment to solve the problem of facial relaxation.


– Resolve Facial Fat Accumulation
– Solve facial skin laxity

Elle Montreal Clinic is an excellent partner of Inmode dermatology and cosmetic innovation company. We have a very rich case of Inmode instruments and are well-known in the Greater Montreal area.

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