MORPHEUS8, a new handheld skin repairing and nursing device that induces subcutaneous fat and collagen remodeling launched by Israel InMode, a world-renowned medical and aesthetic RF manufacturer, has now passed the CFDA certification. Magic Micro Needle uses both micro-needle technology and RF radio frequency technology to achieve the beautifying effect of light spots, acne removal, firming and lifting. Morpheus 8 has been named the “Best Firming Micro-Needling of 2022” by the American “New Beauty” magazine for two consecutive years! The American “New Beauty” magazine is recognized as one of the authoritative platforms in the United States, and has a high degree of attention and recognition in the United States.


Morpheus8 combines traditional micro-needle technology, RF radio frequency thermal energy technology and new spectrum optimization technology for skin management. Micro-needle technology generates micro-trauma by repeatedly puncturing the dermis layer with micro-needles, and stimulates the new remodeling of collagen in the bottom layer of the dermis; RF radio frequency thermal energy technology sends penetrating waves to the deep layers of the skin, targeting tissues and cells, and heating and dissolving the deep layers of the skin. lipids, stimulate collagen remodeling in the dermis.


Elle Montreal Clinic is an excellent partner of Inmode dermatology and cosmetic innovation company. We have a very rich case of Inmode instruments and are well-known in the Greater Montreal area.

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