Acid brushing is a chemical peeling method that helps remove excess waste and corrects and stimulates new frontal stratum corneum regeneration by changing the acidity of the skin surface, so as to achieve the effect of peeling.


That is to say, using high concentration of fruit acid to peel off skin keratin, promote the shedding of aging stratum corneum, accelerate the renewal rate of keratinocytes and a small part of upper epidermal cells, promote the proliferation of elastic fibers in the dermis, and have a good effect on superficial acne scars , it can also improve large pores, but acne scars can only be eliminated after multiple courses of treatment.


1. Acne
2. Superficial acne scars
3. Dark spots and post-inflammatory pigmentation
4. Fine wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and mouth
5. Subtle wrinkles on the neck, chest, arms, skin aging.

As long as there is no viral infection such as herpes or warts in the affected area, no wound, no short-term surgery or acute eczema, the average person can receive the treatment of fruit acid peeling.

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