Picoway is a particularly outstanding instrument among domestic laser instruments, which integrates freckle removal, skin rejuvenation, and tattoo removal.
Picoway is produced by Sinoron, which has obtained EU CE, US FDA, China CFDA certification. It improves the traditional laser because the thermal effect of the laser makes the melanin blast, which is easy to make the skin red and hot after the treatment, and the recovery time is long. . Compared with the traditional laser, the Picoway action on the skin can be faster, more thorough, more reliable and more comfortable.


Picoway use physical effects, so there is no photothermal effect.
Picoway uses Resolve holographic pixel technology to provide a focused microbeam with a 6mmx6mm spot size and a 10×10 array.
The Resolve holographic lattice focusing technology itself includes two black technologies, one is the holographic diffusion effect, and the other is double-layer focusing.
Holographic diffusion is to turn a single beam into a beam group, which is extremely fine and equal in energy;
Double-layer focusing means that the two wavelengths of 1064nm and 532nm can solve the pigment in the epidermis and dermis. Such an internal and external attack can make the stain nowhere to hide.
Picoway has three wave lengths of 1064nm/532nm/785nm.


– Targeted removal of tattoos of various colors
– acne scars
– Dark brown skin spots, sun spots, age spots and other spots caused by melanin deposition. (For deep freckles, chloasma requires multiple treatments)
– It even comes with the functions of removing fine lines, skin rejuvenation, whitening and so on.

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