Botulinum toxin was discovered in the 1960s and began to be used in medical treatment in the 1980s. It relaxes muscles by inhibiting the release of acetylcholine from nerve endings and inhibiting nerve impulses. It was first used to treat muscle spasm diseases, such as torticollis, strabismus, etc. .

Wrinkle removal is another major professional field of botulinum toxin. It has a significant effect on “dynamic wrinkles” caused by changes in facial muscle tension. Effect.

Dr. Yoel Moyal graduated from McGill University and Laval University, majoring in medicine, with a double degree of MD, and graduated with honors from the prestigious Cardiff University in the United Kingdom with a post-doctoral diploma in dermatology medicine. Dr Moyal has extensive clinical experience, advanced medical studies in Canada, the United States, Finland and the United Kingdom, with excellent aesthetics, more than 20 years of injection experience and professional training and guidance for other doctors.

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