Microcrystalline ceramics are biological soft ceramics. Therefore, it must be suspended in a gel-like carrier consisting essentially of water (distilled water for USP injection) and glycerol (USP) for easy injection. Due to the above compositional characteristics, microcrystalline porcelain has good biocompatibility and biodegradability.


As a filling material with high compatibility with the human body, microcrystalline porcelain can achieve the best shaping effect in the first treatment for most patients in clinical treatment.


The appearance method of microcrystalline porcelain has been welcomed by many beauty lovers, mainly because its effect lasts for a long time, especially the side effects on the human body are relatively small; and microcrystalline porcelain can be used in many parts of the human body, Such as nose, temples, chin, cheeks, etc.

Dr. Yoel Moyal graduated from McGill University and Laval University, majoring in medicine, with a double degree of MD, and graduated with honors from the prestigious Cardiff University in the United Kingdom with a post-doctoral diploma in dermatology medicine. Dr Moyal has extensive clinical experience, advanced medical studies in Canada, the United States, Finland and the United Kingdom, with excellent aesthetics, more than 20 years of injection experience and professional training and guidance for other doctors.

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