PRP technology is not a brand-new cosmetic technology. At present, this technology has obtained extensive medical clinical verification by the US FDA, European CE certification and other regions.


It refers to extracting autologous serum rich in high concentrations of growth factors from autologous blood through centrifugal separation technology, and injecting it into subcutaneous dermis or facial and neck wrinkles, dark circles and other skin tissues to stimulate collagen, elastic fibers, and collagen regeneration. Repair damaged skin cells, promote skin regeneration, restore skin’s delicate luster, firmness and elasticity


Indications for Autologous Platelet Removal (PRP)
1. Various wrinkles: forehead lines, Sichuan lines, crow’s feet, fine lines around the eyes, dorsum of the nose, nasolabial lines, mouth wrinkles, neck lines
2. Loose, rough and dull skin on the whole face
3. Depressed scars caused by trauma, acne, etc.
4. Improve post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and melasma
5. Large pores and telangiectasia
6. Eye bags, dark circles
7. Lip augmentation, facial tissue loss
8. Allergic skin
9. Promotes hair shine regeneration

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