New Cellular Treatment Factor (NCTF), a scientific research-based high-end brand from France specializing in “anti-aging”, it contains 12 kinds of vitamins, 23 kinds of amino acids, 6 kinds of minerals, 6 kinds of coenzymes, 5 kinds of nucleic acids, 1 kind of antioxidants and Combined with hyaluronic acid and other skin nutrients, it can moisturizing, brightening, anti-aging, firming, and multiple functions for the skin.


nctf boost is rich in 53+1 kinds of nutritional skin care ingredients, focusing on the raw materials and catalysts needed to help collagen production, combined with the unique nano-microsphere encapsulation technology, which can gradually penetrate and penetrate deeply without needle injection. At the bottom of the skin, the layers revitalize the skin.


The nutrients penetrate deeply and act on the dermis layer of the skin, reproduce the ideal cell ecosystem, and promote the production of nutrients required for beautiful skin; effectively promote the formation of skin support fibers, activate skin cells from the inside out, and activate healthy skin in an all-round way ; At the same time increase elastin and collagen to work together to restructure the deep skin tissue.

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