Teosyal water light needle is produced by Swiss Teosyal company. With an innovative formula, it is composed of 7 kinds of amino acids + 2 kinds of minerals + 1 kind of vitamin + 3 kinds of antioxidants + 2 kinds of hydrating substances, which can effectively achieve multi-effects in one and has 8 models with rich products to meet different needs .


By injecting the hyaluronic acid products lost by the human body due to aging into the dermis of the skin, Teosyal water light needle allows the skin to absorb and store multiple times its own weight of water, awaken the cell regeneration function, and restore the withered and broken cells of the skin. It can restore firm, smooth and elastic skin in a short time.

Multi-effects in one: Effectively achieve multiple functions of moisturizing, brightening skin, whitening and rejuvenating, and collagen regeneration; Do as you go: Use the injection method, which will not affect your work and daily life after injection.


Pore reduction, firming/firming, skin rejuvenation, hydration, skin repair

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