EvolveX is the ultimate autonomous platform that transforms full body remodeling and takes it to the next level. Once equipped, patients continue to seek non-invasive treatments to reshape skin, remove fat, sculpt tummy and lift buttocks with unprecedented levels of efficiency. This all-in-one platform offers multiple technologies on one system to reshape skin, eliminate adipose tissue, and build muscle.


TITE: Multiple hands-free applicators provide even volumetric heating to the skin and subcutaneous layers, providing customized painless skin remodeling.

TONE: Simulates involuntary muscle contractions by firing electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Tone’s 4 hands-free therapy probes target specific muscle groups to improve muscle appearance and strength.

TRANSFORM: This is a 3-in-1 innovation that combines fat loss and muscle gain. That is to say, this step combines Tite, Trim and Tone. First, it uses bipolar radio frequency energy (RF) to deeply heat the dermis and adipose tissue. Second, it also delivers electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). EMS provides a synergistic layered process that generates sustained muscle transformation results.

It’s safe, comfortable and fast, 20-30 minutes per treatment.


Firms skin, reduces fat, builds muscle

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