BBL™ (also known as Youth BB Light), it is a powerful upgrade of traditional photorejuvenation (intense pulsed light IPL), and it is also recognized as the leading technology for reducing pigmentation, brightening and whitening skin.


The key to inhibiting hair growth lies in precisely destroying two important components of the hair follicle, the hair bulge and the dermal papilla. The intense pulsed photon hair removal technology is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis. The pulsed light of a specific spectrum emitted by it penetrates the epidermis to the root of the hair follicle, and the heat energy is transmitted to the deep part of the hair follicle through the cross section of the hair shaft, so that the temperature of the hair follicle rapidly rises to coagulation and necrosis. , to achieve long-term permanent hair removal effect.

After the melanin in the hair absorbs the energy of the photon, it warms up the deep hair follicle, destroys the hair follicle and the stem cells around the hair follicle, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal.


– Remove hair
– Inhibit hair growth

As a traditional advantage program of Elle Montreal Clinic, BBL photorejuvenation is deeply loved by loyal customers of ElleClinic. Our therapists have classic cases of photorejuvenation, allowing clients to enjoy the best operating experience of photorejuvenation.

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