Dr Rolla Hraibeh Dr Rolla Hraibeh


Rolla Hraibeh prioritizes a human-centered and personalized approach.

Dr. Rolla Hraibeh possesses over 20 years of expertise in emergency medicine. Following a tenure of 5 years in the operating room at Charles-Lemoyne Hospital, she served as a physician and director of professional services at Urgence-santé Montréal. With an executive MBA from the University of Sherbrooke and training in general surgery, Dr. Hraibeh expanded her skill set into aesthetic and musculoskeletal medicine to deliver top-notch services to her patients alongside an experienced team.

Personalized Approach Personalized Approach

Dr. Rolla Hraibeh provides premium medical and aesthetic services tailored for both women and men. Central to her approach is the establishment of trust. Leveraging innovative technologies, she collaborates with private laboratories to achieve advanced diagnostics and results.

Rejuvenate And Refresh By Restoring Volume, Harmony And Proportions

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Treatments administrated by Dr Rolla Hraibehby Dr Rolla Hraibeh

Cosmetic injection

Nutritious injection

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