Unwanted tattoos can often feel like a lasting reminder of a past decision, potentially impacting your self-image and how others perceive you. Not all tattoo inks respond equally to removal treatments, making an expert analysis and tailored solutions very important. At Elle Montréal Clinique, we understand the complexity of ink pigments and skin types. Our specialists are equipped with advanced technologies to effectively fade and clear away unwanted tattoos, restoring your skin’s natural appearance and giving you the freedom to move forward confidently without the shadows of the past.

Treating your issuesTreating your issues

  • Unwanted tattoos

Elle Montréal Clinique excels in laser tattoo removal with state-of-the-art technologies that are safe for all skin types. Our experts are trained in the latest advancements, ensuring effective, tailored care for every patient.

Discover our effective tattoo removal treatmentDiscover our effective tattoo removal treatment

Tattoo Removal

PicoWay and PicoSure are the two devices that revolutionized tattoo removal by utilizing a 755nm picosecond honeycomb laser, renowned for its precision and speed, significantly faster than traditional lasers. This technology targets ink particles with rapid energy bursts, breaking them into minute particles. The unique high-efficiency shockwave PicoWay and PicoSure devices penetrate the dermis, ensuring ink particles are shattered without harming surrounding skin tissues. This process fades tattoos and promotes natural healing and skin rejuvenation.


  • Effectively removes black and colored tattoos
  • Requires fewer sessions than traditional lasers
  • Promotes skin healing and minimizes the risk of scarring post-treatment
  • Enhances skin texture and quality in the treated area, contributing to a more uniform skin tone

Experience a more youthful and radiant appearance through effective treatments with your beauty partner, Elle Montréal Clinique.

Transformative resultsTransformative results

Laser tattoo removal transforms your skin and self-perception. Visibly, you’ll notice a gradual fading of the unwanted tattoo, revealing clearer skin with each session. This process allows you to move past old memories or decisions and move forward with confidence. The liberation from a tattoo that no longer represents you can significantly enhance your well-being, providing a fresh start and a renewed sense of self. This journey to reclaim your skin’s natural state is about more than aesthetics—it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

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