At Elle Montréal Clinique, we understand the uniqueness of each individual’s struggle with hair loss. Hair loss is a common concern that affects many, resulting from genetics, hormonal changes, aging, or stress. It can significantly impact one’s self-image and confidence, as hair is often tied to identity and style. We offer personalized solutions designed to help restore your hair’s natural density and promote a fuller, healthier look.

Treating your issuesTreating your issues

  • Hair loss
  • Hair thinning
  • Poor scalp health

Elle Montréal Clinique excels in hair restoration techniques with state-of-the-art solutions for both men and women. Our experts are trained in the latest advancements, ensuring effective, tailored care for every patient.

Discover our hair restoration solutionsDiscover our hair restoration solutions

PRP Hair Restoration

The principle of PRP Hair Rejuvenation lies in leveraging the body’s intrinsic repair mechanisms. By isolating and concentrating the platelets from your blood, along with their associated growth factors, and injecting them into the scalp, PRP therapy stimulates the dormant hair follicles. This process leads to the activation of the anagen phase of hair growth, encouraging the proliferation of cells around the follicles and thereby promoting hair regeneration. The increased supply of growth factors directly to the areas in need facilitates hair regrowth and fortifies the strands, leading to a thicker and healthier mane.


  • Encourages regrowth in thinning areas for a fuller head of hair
  • Strengthens hair follicles
  • Reducing the rate of hair shedding
  • Enhances scalp health
  • Creates a favourable environment for hair growth
  • Improves hair texture and density

Hydrafacial Keravive

HydraFacial Keravive is a specialized scalp treatment that focuses on enhancing hydration and delivering targeted nourishment to the hair follicles. Utilizing a peptide complex serum rich in growth factors and skin proteins, it exfoliates and revitalizes the scalp, setting the stage for improved hair health. The treatment is designed to cater to all hair types, addressing the scalp’s needs by cleansing, hydrating, and promoting optimal conditions for hair growth and scalp health.


  • Thoroughly cares for the scalp, cleansing and infusing hair follicles with essential nutrients
  • Provides serum-based nourishment that benefits both hair and scalp
  • Helps promote hair regeneration and may improve hair fullness
  • Helps manage thinning hair

Exosomes Regenerative Complex

BENEV Exosome Therapy applies advanced biotechnological research to hair restoration, using exosomes derived from youthful adipose tissue. These exosomes are cultured to enhance their ability to modulate hair follicle stem cells, reinvigorating dormant cells and extending the follicles’ growth phase. This action prompts a rejuvenation of the hair cycle, encouraging hair follicles to re-enter the growth phase sooner for hair regeneration. This therapy offers a promising solution for those seeking to enhance their hair density and revive the health of their hair.


  • Promotes the regeneration of hair follicle cells
  • Prolongs the hair follicles’ active growth period
  • Stimulates inactive hair follicles, triggering a new growth cycle
  • Encourages hair growth through the action of growth factors and signaling molecules

Fotona Hair Growth

The Fotona Hair Growth system uses laser technology to invigorate scalp health and hair growth. It leverages laser thermal action to enhance blood flow to the hair follicles, stimulate critical cells like keratinocytes and fibroblasts, and energize the dermal papilla cells. These processes rejuvenate follicular activity and support the regeneration of hair follicles, facilitating the shift from the resting phase to the growth phase of the hair cycle and preventing further hair loss. This innovative approach offers hope and results for those seeking hair thinning and loss solutions, contributing to a healthier scalp and lusher hair.


  • Addresses androgenetic alopecia and stubborn alopecia areata effectively
  • Kickstarts a new era for hair growth and loss prevention
  • Increases hair thickness and density for a fuller head of hair

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Transformative resultsTransformative results

Hair restoration treatments can lead to transformative results. Visibly, you may notice a fuller head of hair, reduced scalp visibility, and thicker strands. Yet, the true impact of these changes goes beyond your physical appearance. Hair restoration can significantly bolster your confidence, enhancing how you present yourself to the world and interact with others. This renewed self-assurance can improve your daily experiences, contribute to a positive self-image, and uplift your overall well-being, allowing you to enjoy life with a vibrant and renewed perspective.

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