Dr. Yoel Moyal Dr. Yoel Moyal


Rejuvenate And Refresh By Restoring Volume, Harmony And Proportions. Soften Harsh Expression Lines And Facial Contours.

Dr. Yoel Moyal graduated from McGill University and Laval University, majoring in medicine, with a double degree in MD, and graduated with honors from the prestigious Cardiff University in the United Kingdom with a post-doctoral diploma in dermatology medicine.

Dr Moyal has extensive clinical experience and advanced medical studies in Canada, the United States, Finland and the United Kingdom, with excellent aesthetics, more than 20 years of injection experience and professional training and guidance for other doctors.

Dr Moyal followed specialized courses in esthetics for neurotoxin injections and dermal fillers for the restoration of volume loss. He successfully completed his training in varicose vein injection at Dr Debbie Martin’s vein clinic in Barrie Ontario.

Dr. Moyal is at the cutting edge of new injection techniques to continually expand the choice of areas that can be treated and offer his patients the latest innovations.

Rejuvenate And Refresh By Restoring Volume, Harmony And Proportions

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Philosophy Philosophy

Refresh, rejuvenate, and soften – naturally.

Dr. Moyal dedicates the necessary time to ensure each patient has an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Recognizing the uniqueness of every individual, considering their distinct musculature, facial structure, and treatment expectations.

Dr. Moyal quickly grasps his patients’ desires and engages in comprehensive discussions, providing detailed explanations of procedures. This approach aims to ensure patients make informed decisions based on understanding. Importantly, there is no pressure to undergo any treatment; Dr. Moyal only proceeds with patients who are comfortable both with their decision and with him as the injector.

Treatments administrated by Dr Yoel Moyalby Dr Yoel Moyal

Cosmetic injection

Nutritious injection

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